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Our Hope of Burlington 




Our Hope of Burlington Scholarship Opportunity:  the schollarship is provided to students entering an accredited college or university in persuit of a health related degree.  For more information please contact your local high school.


The partnership between Aurora Memorial Hospital of Burlington and Our Hope has blossomed over the years, benefiting the people of the communities we serve in many different ways. If you visit our hospital, you will find a beautiful wood plaque outside of our two hospice rooms telling everyone that this was a project supported by Our Hope of Burlington. That was one of the earliest results of our partnership and it has been a wonderful place for families to be together at a very difficult time.

In the years to follow we have received funding from Our Hope for many additional life saving projects.....

> Supporting the early detection of colorectal cancer by providing free test kits to the community. (This was also sponsored by Southern Lakes Regional Newspapers)

> Purchase of virtual colonoscopy equipment to aid in early detection of colon problems.

> Strong support for diabetes education and testing programs in the community.

> Purchase of the CAREpoint system in the emergency department allowing EKG's to be transmitted from the field to the hospital to allow better preparation for their arrival or suggested immediate transport to another facility.

> Purchase of the Zonare Ultrasound which is used on almost every shift in our emergency department to help save lives.

  • Last September a 62 year old gentleman was brought in by his family for back pain. The family said that he had always suffered from back pain but today the pain was worse than usual and he just could not get comfortable.
    When I walked into the room to assess the patient I saw a man is severe distress. His pain seemed disproportionate for a complaint of chronic back pain. After taking a quick history and physical I noticed that his abdomen was slightly tender to palpation and that he had all the risk factors for having an aortic aneurysm. Now when you’re considering this diagnosis the traditional way of diagnosing it would be to get a cat scan of the abdomen with IV contrast, but in this patient that test would have been dangerous because he had a history of kidney failure meaning that if you were wrong and the CT did not show an aneurysm you were gambling with his future kidney function with your diagnostic test.

    The second problem was that the patient was very unstable and his blood pressure was low enough that moving him out of the ED to complete the test could have been life threatening.
    Luckily, our ED has a bed side portable ultra sound, a new technology that allows ultra sound physicians, a such as a myself, to take a look inside the body without moving the patient and without using any dyes or radiation. The machine was brought to the bed side and a quick scan with a handheld probe revealed a 10 cm leaking aneurysm in his abdominal aorta. Without having to move the patient I confirmed my suspected diagnosis within 2 minutes of being the ED, saving a 1/2 hour or more time it would have taken to complete a cat-scan. Armed with this information we were able to start transfusions and call vascular surgery and the OR team so that the patient could go for life saving surgery. The surgery was a success and in the last 6 months I have seen the patient out and about, back to his usual state of health and this is all due to Burlington's ability to use a bed side ultrasound.

    James Pavlich, MD 


  • Through the gracious contributions of Our Hope, all of these crucial programs and equipment have been made possible to our community hospital. In turn, our hospital has then been able to affect people's lives in so many positive ways. All in all, truly a blessing for all of us.

    Thank you, Our Hope!



The UW Carbone Cancer Center sincerely appreciates the support of Our Hope of Burlington.  Your support over the years has allowed Cancer Center researchers to:

  • Explore new ideas.
  • Purchase new research technology.
  • Develop better methods of diagnosing, treating and preventing cancer.


 Thank you for your support of Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin.  The donations received from the Hope Walk have gone to support:

  • Dialysis machines
  • Equipment for the epilepsy unit
  • Equipment facilities fund
  • Giraffe Omni BedÒ for the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit
    • “This equipment allows us to help these babies heal and grow. Giraffe beds provide the most stable and supportive environment for premature infants. They also provide easy access for family and staff care,” said Lisa Jentsch, director for Newborn and Fetal Care, Children’s Hospital.
  • Diabetes care and research/Max McGee National Center for Juvenile Diabetes
    • Thanks to pioneering work at the Max McGee National Research Center for Juvenile Diabetes, a key program of Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin and Children’s Research Institute, scientists and physicians know the genetic fingerprint for type 1 diabetes inflammation. This enables us to identify which kids are most at risk for diabetes. As the only center in the world currently using this technology, we have attracted worldwide attention.
    • Our clinical program at the Max McGee National Research Center for Juvenile Diabetes leads the nation in providing diabetes care in an outpatient setting while improving outcomes and reducing health care costs. Now, we see the ability to make a dramatic impact in disease management through increased health literacy (or “diabetes numeracy”) and improved adherence.
    • We have proven the ability to identify diabetes up to 5 years before the disease has surfaced. We are currently working in conjunction with a European clinical study of the drug, anakinra, which is being tested to lengthen the “honeymoon period.” Our goal is to be the first in the world to begin an anakinra trial for children.
  • Special Needs Funds
    • Annual picnic for patient families
    • Biannual parent advisory group meetings
    • Staff development


The partnership between Aurora Visiting Nurse Association and Our Hope has greatly benefitted the hospice patients in Burlington. Gift proceeds have created a hospice suite for patients and their family members. This allows a family to stay with their loved one receiving hospice care. The funding also has provided a basket of comfort items for patients entering hospice. The items help patients to relax and feel comfortable.

Through the community support of Our Hope, hospice patients and their families receive the care and items they need to face the most difficult times in their lives.

Our Hope is truly committed to the well-being of their community.

The Hope Run/Walk has raised over $1,000,000!